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The R.O.P.E. / C.O.R Resource Center is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization, established over 6 years ago. In 2014 we supplied more than 3108 showers to the homeless and over 3029 with clothing. We provide computer access for the homeless population to use for jobs, food stamps, as well as assist with passes and temporary mailing addresses for over 1916 homeless people. This allows them to receive their benefits as well as a way to keep communication with family members. We fed over 3300 homeless men, women and children in 2014.

We currently have a transitional living facility that now houses up to 24 people. In October 2014 The Suncoast News and Bay News 9 covered the ground breaking of our new Transitional Living facility in Hudson, Florida. This will be opening in late summer 2015. We have also announced our new V.I.N.E Center groundbreaking, which is a home for Veterens in need. As the needs of the homeless grow, we are also growing, but we are in need of support. Our goal is to not just give the homeless a place to sleep, our goal is to change their position in our community. 


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