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Weekly Sponsor

Each applicant when accepted into the program has to pay a one time $95 maintence free that covers their first 2 weeks in the program. This donation will help someone get into the program that otherwise would not be able to. 



We are always excited to offer the chance for you to get hands on with us. We have much to do in a short amount of time. Call us to find out about how you can volunteer with us. 

Yearly Commitment

This is you saying "I commit to pay ____ amount for 1 whole year." This is something we can count on. This helps us plan meals, classes and projects. 



Corporate support is paramount. Donations of food, supplies or a monthly stipend helps us run efficiently and aids in the move forward with projects to end homelessness. 


Just a single donation is a blessing to us. Whether monetary or otherwise. We appreciate all who give to help this vision to move forwward. 


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